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catherine sleweski
9/10/2009 08:20:12 pm

im 40 yrs old and just discovered i need open heart surgery due to heavy smoking un fortunately,,im struggling to cope with all the vigorous tests leading up to the op untill i read your book ,,,,,now i know whats going on,,,you really explained things on a realistic level,,and im due to go in to st vincents in sydney in few weeks but i must admit inow know what im in for and seeing your pictureshas given me faith and strenght,,i will email you when i recover as i will just as quick as you did,,,,yours sincerely ,,cat slewesky,of sydney

11/9/2009 07:01:25 pm

Hey Mat,
Well done what an awesome thing to do, great for your healing and also to help others! :)
Much love Julie x

11/12/2009 06:55:26 pm

thanks julie for the comments and thank you both for all your tremendous support through the toughest time in my life,you guys were the sunshine through my hospital days and my recovery,,you really did make such a difference,,,love you both..xxxx

mat ddisley
5/31/2010 11:53:08 am

thanks to the 3 lovely people who just bought copys this month i really hope this book helps you,,,best of luck,,,,mat

10/24/2010 09:39:15 am

11/24/2010 10:10:09 pm

i just ordered the e book i thought it would come rite up on my computor but it didnt is it a hard book that is sent in the mail or what please email me and let me know i go in for surgery in 12 days and if it a books on paper i hope i get it before i go in the hospital ok thanks steve

mat disley
12/1/2010 01:31:48 pm

pay pal usually send me payment confirmation,when i recieve that i email you the file with the book attached,,its not a hard copy,,i hope its helpfull steve,,its a tough time,,,good luck eat well and be as healthy as you possibly can for the speedy recovery

12/11/2010 09:51:53 am

if you buy this book please take the time in leaving any comments reagrding the books details if it be good or bad as i wish to make this book as helpfull as possible to all that need some guidance through a tough time,,,,im all so very very keen to hear from people who have made a great recovery and how their life is going after the surgery,,,this will also be usefull information for others wishing to read this book,,,thank you to all that have bought this book,,,,wishing you all a very happy xmas and new yr.....mat disley.....2 x open heart surgerys and one heart attack and not even got to 40 yet,,but alive and kicking well...thanks to my wonderfull surgeon andrew clarke..

steve calderton
12/18/2010 11:14:19 am

thanks for the book it surely gave me a good insight on what to expect,,,not to mention the terribly rough journey you had during your trip to hospital,,,best regards,,,im healing well,,,thanks again,,,,steve from new zealand

2/11/2011 05:43:37 pm

Hi Mat,

Was so excited to watch your video tonight and that you have put together an e-book on 'AS'. It's a wonderful idea and wish I had more information in 2005 when I was diagnosed with aeortic stenosis at 38yrs. I would love to buy it, how best can I do this and does any contributions made go to the Heart Foundation for research?
I am 42yrs now, living in NZ, and have been told the condition is moderate to severe and bicuspid (born with it). Would be excited to read your e-book to elevate my apprehensions of future surgery!

Look forward to hear from you,

3/19/2011 06:05:55 pm

hi mariska sorry for the late response i have been away for a while and just had a second operatio to replace my infected mechanicall valve,yes every sale of the book a dollar goes to the heart foundation,for me to legally have their logo on my site i had to register this as a charity,its a shame they wont divert people to my site when they call them for help or advice,,i asked if they could do this for me when i last spoke to them,because i was a little disapointed at their service on the councelling side,i have more knowledge than them when it comes to aortic stenosis because i have had 2 operations now and a heart attack while recovering,im very lucky to be alive and live life differently now thats for sure,,,if you wish to purchase a copy go straight to my home page and scroll to the visa payment at bottom of page,,its a very small fee,to cover all my costs for building the site and getting the book re edited etc,im so glad to be in the position to help others that are in this terribly daunting un avoidable situation,,i hope this book will help you too,,please keep me updated on your situation i really hope it doesnt get worse,,,best regards and thank you so much for buying the book,,,,mat disley

4/21/2012 11:23:53 am

Hi, just got the ebook about an hour ago, read the whole thing!!! well done. I have to go get an TransEsophgealEchocardiogram this Friday, then after that i will be refferred to the surgeon... I have Mitral Valve Prolapse... thanks for sharing your story... I'll talk more soon. Joe

4/23/2012 09:18:43 am

hi mat disley, sorry for the late coments;.just watched your vedeo on you tube,and found some one your on your age who sare with you same broplem.
Iam a 37 years old ,and had heart sergery in 2011 with aiortic valve replacement.
same like you i was told that i was born on it,try to ovoid the sergery but i could not avoid it.
i did not have enough information about the heart surgery ,i dont smoke and i dont drink an alcohol at all. When i sow your vedeo ifeel happy that im not alone in this world,and somehow i got a freind.
i bought the ebook and it was usefull ,it help me to go trough the raf time and staress life , it is a year and have since i had the surgery, i feel greet every morning , my life is coming back just slowly slowly.
i run everyday 6-10 mille , i know my life will never be the same ', but i try to enjoy as it like nothing happen to my life.

tnks for the e book your not a lone

6/3/2012 02:35:33 pm

I am a 38 year old female about to undergo open heart surgery to have valve replacement and repair an aortic ascending anorysm. My aorta is measuring 5cm currently. I was born with a bicuspid aorta and knew if have surgery someday, just thought it would have been later. I will be buying your book. I am really wanting to know exactly what I'm in for.

6/24/2012 10:56:23 am

Read your article, I learned a lot of knowledge. I solved many puzzling riddle. Everyone has his own opinion.But I totallty agreed with you on this.I will recommend you article to my friends.

6/24/2012 11:03:46 am

Thank you for your sharing.I think this is the most beautiful in the world the article, there must be many people like it your works,i love this information.

8/10/2012 09:44:24 pm

This is a great book – written by someone who knows what it feels like to go through open-heart surgery. It is accurate and explains the technical stuff in words that make it understandable. For me as a nurse who has worked in ICU it really made me think about how it is for patients and how the medical world is so familiar to us that work in it and how unfamiliar and terrifying it must be for patients and how important it is to never lose site of that. Mat is very brave not only for surviving 2 major operations and the complete life change that occurred after that but also for allowing people to see his vulnerability by sharing his feelings and emotions in this book. This sharing allows people faced with similar life changing experiences to feel less alone and less fearful and it would be so good if it could be given to every open-heart surgery patient pre-op.

mat disley
1/18/2013 11:46:13 pm

Thank you so much to all of you for such wonderful words, you make me feel stronger and much happier knowing the world has some amazing people in it, thank you, i pray one day my book will be read by every patient pre op, or better still in the cardiac nurses curriculum or thorasic surgeons, that would be my dream come true.. thanks again to you all...

6/26/2013 06:30:35 pm

I enjoyed reading your articles. This is truly a great read for me. I have bookmarked it and I am looking forward to reading new articles. Keep up the good work

9/3/2013 12:24:51 am

Thank you guys, I'm re covering from being completely paralysed as the result of a horrific diving injury...but life goes on,......i can now walk to you all....x mat

12/12/2013 11:10:11 am

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Mat Disley
11/26/2017 04:52:33 am

45 yrs old now still going strong......just had check up too all is good, livibg in a motorhome enjoying life near the antartic somewhere, my auto biography will be out end of next yr,

2 bags full printed by austin mcaulley..a very interesting read


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